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Market Driven or a Market Driver? Why Businesses Need Digital Marketing.

Small businesses are often set up to service a unique section of the market. This market could either be a local community or a small segment of a bigger population. Either way, a small business grows using digital marketing with a mix of creativity, effort, and short strides. All of which are usually paid for out of a limited budget.

As a small business owner, you’ve probably wondered if digital marketing is worth the extra expense. It has proven to be useful for large brands with the big bucks to pay for experts and prime advert placement. But can digital marketing serve your small business?

The answer is yes. Small businesses don’t just have the potential to benefit from digital marketing. Current market trends say that they need it. Here are three reasons why your small business needs digital marketing.

Your competitors are gaining market share

Whether you think digital marketing is essential or not, your competition is already practicing it. This means that they are the first point of contact for people who are seeking your solutions online. Nearly 90% of small businesses use digital and traditional marketing. And 95% of them say that they are committed to spending more on digital marketing in the coming year.

As their brands become more recognizable, they enjoy the opportunity to grow their market share. If your business has no digital marketing strategy, you are losing customers to the competition daily.

The audience is online

Digital marketing allows brands to connect with customers in a way that used to be impossible. Online media provides your business with unlimited reach. Google receives over 3.5 billion searches per day. Facebook hosts over 2 billion profiles, while Instagram has 100 million+ users. The target market you’re trying to connect with represents a small fraction of these users.

Creating an online presence for your small business opens it up to several opportunities. You can instantly connect with people who would have no other way to learn about your brand. It also adds to your brand value and credibility. A study by The ROBO Economy (Research Online Buy Offline), showed that 82% of smartphone users research a business before making an online or in-person purchase. If potential buyers can not find any traces of your business online, they may assume that your brand is not credible.

Local search is improving

If you’re a local business, an online presence could boost the visibility of your business. 97% of people learn about local businesses online more than anywhere else. Your in-person outreach efforts may not always find people when they need your services. But when you have an online presence, they can always find you.

Search trends also show that ‘near me’ and ‘close to me’ searches have grown by 900% over two years. More people are turning to the internet to find answers to questions such as ‘plumbers near me’, ‘restaurants near me’, ‘pet shops near me’, and so on. When your business has an optimized social media presence, it becomes easier for people to discover your offerings.


Digital marketing may seem like a whole new industry to explore, apply, and probably fail in the first few attempts. However, just like every other task you’ve faced while growing your small business, you can win at it. Your small business should enjoy several new opportunities in the marketplace.

We also understand that most business owners are more interested in providing excellent services to their customers and creating new solutions. This is why at Gazelle Media, our team of experienced marketers helps small businesses achieve their marketing goals. If you would like to explore how you could grow your business, reach out for a discovery session.